Bee Pollen Renew Special Kit



The kit includes: 
- Ampouler 10ml
- Cream 10ml
- Handmade Soap 100g

Recommended for:
- Sensitive skin
- Dry skin
- Healthier skin


Bee Pollen Renew Ampouler
After treatment or toner, use a couple drops and spread evenly across the face.
*TIP* Based on the skin's condition or the season, use accordingly
Morning/Summer: 1 layer
Winter: 2 layers

Bee Pollen Renew Cream
1. With the spatula, scroop a decent amount of cream onto the skin.
2. Spread and pat evenly across the face.

Bee Pollen Renew Handmade Soap
1. Lather the soap with water until bubbles form.
2. Massage onto wet face smoothly and rinse.

Bee Pollen
Plentiful protein, vitamins, minerals

Green Propolis
Brazil Eucalyptus, calming propolis

Desert Honey
The desert cactus honey provides deep hydration and nutrition

Edelweiss Callus Culture Extract
Supports skin health

Northern Dendranthema Extract
Calms sensitive skin

Bee Pollen Renew's Special Scent
Ylang Ylang, Damask Rose, Chamomile, into an essential oil blending
A sweet, healthy scent

Propolys Extract
Calms, cleans, and cares for the skin

Shea Butter
Africa shea butter extract
Plentiful nutrition and provides moisturization

Coconut Oil, Olive Oil, Macademia Oil, Apricot Kernel Oil, Jojoba Oil, Camelia Oil
Cleans and supports skin long-lasting skin balance

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